What you can benefit from using Saveting Instagram video downloader

Instagram is a very popular and powerful social media where users post and share their short videos with friends and family members. It is used widely by millions of users. When you post videos on Instagram, your followers can see them and view them online, but they cannot download them directly from Instagram. To do so, they need to use an external tool (not owned by Instagram) to do the job.

There are literally thousands of tools to download Instagram videos. Some are simple desktop software’s, some other are browsers extensions, you have also mobile applications and finally there are web applications which are websites allowing you to download videos from Instagram online.

Saveting is one of the web applications that supports videos download from thousands of websites including Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Vidme and so.

In this article, we are going to present you the main advantages you can get from using Saveting Instagram downloader.

  • Saveting is Free and simple to use:

Saveting is not a paid service. You can connect to it and download as many videos as you want without paying a penny. Saveting makes money with ads, so they get paid only when users click on the ads.

Saveting is very easy to use. There are “how-to” pages explaining how to download videos from many websites. To generalize, here is how you can use it for Instagram downloads:

  • Copy the URL of the Instagram post
  • Go to Saveting.com and Paste the URL in the input field, then press the download button
  • In the new page, you will find the available download links of your video for each available format and resolution
  • Saveting Supports thousands of websites

Saveting supports thousands of social medias and videos hosting websites. Just copy the URL of the video or post containing the video, and paste it in the Input field of Saveting. Saveting will automatically detect the website and provides the download links.

  • Nicely designed and Responsive

Saveting design is very simplistic. There are very few banners, less ads, few texts, and the site is clean and light. Also, the speed of the site is unbelievable, you can navigate between page without waiting minutes to load.

Saveting is also very responsive, this means it can display in different ways to adapt to the devices you are using to connect to it. If you use laptop or desktop or wide tablets, Saveting displays all buttons, images and functionalities. When you use smartphones with small screen size, Saveting will adapt its design and display only the most relevant buttons, images and functions, so you will not be distracted by functions you don’t need on a smartphone, and the site layout will be clean and nice.

  • Saveting helps users via its blog and Help! Page

Via its blog and its help pages, Saveting provides very useful tips to its users and answers to their questions. This is a great advantage comparing to other websites that do not have blog or help pages for their users.


Saveting has lots of advantages when you are seeking to download videos from Instagram. As presented above, the advantages are very interesting comparing to software’s or mobile applications. Also thanks to its help page and its blog, Saveting seem to be far more interesting than many other web applications in that area.