What to do if Android File Transfer isn’t working?

The world has moved into the age of technology and most of us are using multiple devices at the same time. But often companies do not care if you are using other devices from different companies and don’t let you have an easy data transfer mechanism. Android and Mac users face this problem everyday as their gadgets aren’t compatible with each other. They may have used several third party apps with no real use. But SyncMate, your solution if Android File Transfer not workingas it is efficient and knows how to work the device in the right direction. There are no conditions of use and once a user uses it they will never go back to any other synchronizing software.

Benefits of SyncMate:

  • SyncMate helps in a total synchronization between the Android and Mac devices rather than just working as a data transfer application. It helps you in accessing the devices with the other device when they are connected.
  • SyncMate is efficient in file transferring of all levels, it has a feature called finder which lets you transfer bulk files. It is very efficient as you wouldn’t need to copy and paste every single file. You can even transfer a file as a whole which is a great feature.
  • SyncMate is efficient in syncing up your contacts and calendars between the devices. This comes handy if you are a busy person or if you regularly change your devices. You wouldn’t need to copy every single contact to your other device. If you have connected you android device to a mac device you can also send texts from your Mac device which is quite efficient.
  • Most of us are music fans and we like using iOS due to its feature of iTunes. SyncMate doesn’t limit itself to file transfers only, it can sync iTunes with an android device and you can access the playlist from the device itself.
  • The Automatic Sync feature is a bonus for everyone as you have to set it once and the software will do all the work by itself.
  • SyncMate is great if you find Android File Transfer not working for you as it will be because the app hasn’t been updated for a while.

SyncMate is efficient and wireless which makes it effortless for the person to use. You can easily download either the paid and free app and both are equally good.