Understanding the basics of an E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes are one of the latest inventions in the world of vaping, it is safe and generally helps to make a healthy switch to traditional smoking. Unlike, the traditional mode of smoking, E-cig is comparatively safe and doesn’t produce harmful smoke from burning the tobacco. E-cig make use of e-liquid that consists of some level of nicotine, flavor and the base of the liquid that is either glycol or glycerin based. The e-cigarette is fast catching up with people because it is the best alternative to traditional habit of smoking.

The best advantage of switching to E-Cigarette is that it allows the person to technically stop inhaling the smoke. E-liquids are safe means as compared to traditional tobacco smoking. Refer to www.friskedrag.no that offers hundreds of varieties of e-cigarette with different options. You can even find the flavored e-liquid of your choice. Flavored e-liquids are now being in use with E-cigarette since it gives good aroma while someone is smoking. The aroma doesn’t last for long as the scent but it does give the smell in the air with every puff exhaled.

E-cigarette and vaping

Vaping is an activity involving an E-Cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid to give an experience of smoking by inhaling. The person who involves in this activity is called as vaper and the process is called as vaping. E-cigarettes are like personal vaporizers, these devices perform the tasks of normal tobacco cigarettes. They make use of e-liquids that are made from base liquid from glycol or glycerine, there is nicotine involved with different strengths available and the flavors are added for the smell.

E-Cigarette Anatomy

E-cigs are available in hundreds of types and varieties, there are some features in every vaping device that makes it truly unique. Vaping devices use a lithium battery to heat a wire coil. There is a wick that draws e-liquid to the coil. The wick vaporizes the liquid when it is inhaled. It produces no smoke when inhaled and is one of the safest means of smoking that doesn’t require a real flame to light it.

  1. Vaping device – available in different colors, shapes, and sizes
  2. Atomizer – It has resistance wire coils and contains a wick having a reservoir that holds the e-liquid.
  3. Batteries – It’s one of the important elements of a vaping device. Some devices come with replaceable batteries and some come with rechargeable high drain batteries.
  4. Coils – they are small pieces of resistance wire made of kanthal and Nichrome.