Tips for increasing productivity at work

If there is a little bit too much chaos at the office, or things don’t seem to go from point A to point B, or you find yourself looking hard to find the work equipment that someone else in another spot needs, chances are good that your company might need to improve its workflow and organization. You could hire a consultant with expertise in workplace efficiency. You could also start taking note of all the things that are not working for you, your employees, and the business as a whole. Whether you hire a consultant or decide to tackle the problems yourself, here are a few tips for ways to increase common workflow issues.

  • Buy workflow approval software: If you just have a small company, there are not too many hoops to jump through when a decision needs to be made. However, when you have multiple teams of people working together in an organization, it might be a lot harder to make decisions and take more time. Workflow approval software is a great way to make sure approvals go to the right people, right away. Those who are involved in the decisions, even if they do not have the authority to make the decisions, can also be kept in the loop.
  • Create a reward system: Rewards are natural incentives for employees. Rewards don’t necessarily need to cost the company a lot of money either. Some examples of great rewards for employees can include extra paid time off, taking employees out for a meal, writing a thank you note, or allowing employees to arrive late one day.
  • Allow telecommuting: So much work is handled on an electronic device these days. When you allow an employee to telecommute, not only do you cut out a lot of office politics and overhead, but studies have shown that employees who telecommute tend to be more productive than when they are at their office.
  • Cut out extra tasks: When employees have a large task, it can really derail them to be asked to do smaller tasks that don’t have anything to do with their bigger project. Figure out which tasks are mere formalities, and eliminate them and their trail of paperwork. Focus on the bigger picture, and everyone will be happier and more productive.
  • Spend money on training and development: This is an area where a lot of companies make the mistake of trimming it from their company’s budget just because it doesn’t seem necessary and can be a big expense. Expecting employees to simply learn on the job results in wasted time and earning potential, sloppy work, and diminishing returns that are even more expensive than the cost of training employees. Training,  individual coaching, seminars, and mentoring are just a few of the ways to increase employee productivity and efficiency.