The most effective engraver in the industry

There is always a constant requirement in industry’s to track and trace its products. This could be while the product is being produced or after the production is finished.  Normally this is done by using traditional laser techniques which companies have used and are even still using big and bulky laser applications to create and personalize items by engraving them. This work is normally done in a factory or warehouse. Although these machines are still around. However, they are being replaced by its smaller, quicker competitor.

The handheld laser is taking over

Despite its small size, a mini laser engraving machine has become an amazing solution to save on costs compared to other laser machines.

Can be used to engrave a wide range of surfaces

Laser engraving systems are the best available and a popularly used method to create permanent markings on a wide range of materials. This machine will work most effectively on materials such as canvas, glass, plastic, metal and wooden surfaces.

Higher quality work completed faster

Compared to other marking methods, laser marking offers high-quality permanent marking completed faster. The marking can withstand the effect of oils, vapor, emulsion, high temperatures and other extreme operating environments. These handheld machines are more time efficient. The high-speed scan will allow the operator to engrave in a short amount of time.

Produces less pollution

Handheld laser machines are also more environmentally friendly than other similar machines, which can pollute the environment as they use chemicals. Laser engravers do not use any chemicals.

A much cheaper option

They are a more cost-effective option. The initial investment when purchasing is cheaper than similar machines that are used in factories. Also, they have lower operating costs since it is a non-contact process and can be operated by a computer.

A Portable device

These machines are handheld and thus they are lightweight and portable. This means the operator is not restricted to one location such as a factory or warehouse.

Very easy to use and operate

Easy to operate as the process does not require many skills. In fact, they work just like a printer and can be easily connected to a computer via USB or Bluetooth. Some can even be operated by smart applications. Again this shows its benefit to anyone that wants to work remotely. Once programmed the art used can be used over and over with the same design and size.

There are a lot of laser engravers available on the market today that can engrave a variety of materials. Therefore, picking the right laser for a particular application requires some consideration. The material, marking quality required and speed are most important factors that need to be considered when picking a laser. It is recommended to choose a handheld laser engraver as it is the best option due to the fact it offers high-quality engraving that can be completed faster than other options. Another reason to choose this selection is that of its small size it makes working from anywhere a viable option.

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