Remotely controlling your digital camera – Click better pictures and videos

Did you ever wish to leave your camera at a definite place and set it up in such a manner that it could click your perfect moment? You might have felt like leaving it out on a cold day making it wait for the ultimate moment of sunset while you warm yourself inside the room? Though all this was not possible previously, now you can. Nowadays majority of the cameras have a wide range of remote control capabilities which don’t even exist in reality.

So, if you wish to take a good self-portrait, indulge into excellent time-lapse photography or get a different angle of the image, you can do it all with various wireless options. You can easily expand the photographic tool without spending money on accessories which you don’t require. offers you with the best remote devices for controlling your camera. Read on to know more on this.

Remote Photography – What can you do with it?

There is plethora of good reasons to control your camera remotely but the ultimate reason is to include yourself in a picture. You might be in a group or you just wish to click a nice self-portrait, you should work with a remote shutter which is a bare necessity. With such a remote, you can not only trigger the shutter of the camera in a remote manner but there are several options which will mean seeing a photo which you will take for yourself even before you click it.

Besides clicking self-portraits, automated and remote controlled photography takes enough tedious work from you like capturing time-lapse photography, which can be indeed tiresome. Without the aid of a device like a timer, it can be tough to accomplish the best results from your time-lapse photography. When there is a remote option, the entire process becomes less prone to errors as the automated device will do it all.

Use a remote or build it

The simplest way of controlling your camera remotely is through the use of a remote. Does your camera have an in-built infrared receiver? You can either buy or build a remote control which can click the shutter even when the camera is kept at a far distance. And in case you’re a skilled expert in creating electronic objects, you can even build a functional remote which is probably going to be better than what you can buy. Nevertheless, for more people, buying a simple remote can be the best option at hand, especially if you’re not a gadget enthusiast.

How can you use a smartphone to remotely control your camera?

Yes, smartphones can also be used as fantastic controllers as they have different types of support for various cameras. If your camera has an infrared receiver, you can perform better with smartphone as compared to a remote that you may have bought. However, your options are certainly more restrained.

Therefore, if you wish to click some really good captures without you having to hold the camera in your hand, watch out for the different remote control devices that you can use with your camera.