Questions to Ask An Endpoint Security Vendor


Lately, the world of cybersecurity has been buzzing with the concept of endpoint detection and response. There seems to be a spike in the demand for endpoint security vendors today. Although the market was traditionally dominated by the bigger endpoint security vendors, lately the new entrants have shaken things up quite a bit. They have started giving the bigger players a tough competition.

But when you look at it from the customer standpoint nothing has changed. It’s just that now they have to qualify a few more vendors before they make a final purchase decision. This just complicates the problem for them.

Here are some questions that you should ask a vendor before you make your final decision.

Ask About Solution Deployment

Ask the vendor how easy it is to deploy their solution. The deployment process should be painless and should not result in any data loss.

Ask About Solution Management

Ask the vendor about the management of their solution after they deploy. You should always ask for a more mature management process. A sloppy management can put you in a troublesome situation.

Ask About Customization

A lot of solutions come with a set of predefined rules. However, if you have multiple endpoints you may need to configure your own rules every now and then. Just check with the vendor how you can customize these rules and apply them in different environments.

Ask About Impact on Business Productivity

Since you are introducing a new solution and agents on end points it can impact your business productivity. You should be prepared for such condition.

Ask About Integration with Existing Infrastructure

If you already have a complex IT infrastructure in place ask the vendor how their solution is going to integrate in it. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel for one new solution.