Optimized features of Galaxy S9 will make you fall for it

Samsung has been launched its amazing flagship of 2017, Galaxy S8, in April and now is the turn for the new S series which is going to release next year with highly optimized features and latest technologies. Although Galaxy S8 is amazing in many ways, it has many shortcomings, which Samsung would be able to resolve with its new smartphone Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 rear panel

 Problems arise when we look at the rear profile of S8. Here, in fact, the sensor for fingerprints (vertically disposed right next to the main camera) does not make it easy unlocking and use of authentication functions. In fact, it ends up touching the camera, and therefore often to leave digital fingerprints on the glass, which happens mainly in the model with 6.2-inch diagonal. Here, besides the camera and biometric fingerprint scanner for, we also find the LED flash and a digital monitor for heart rate. Samsung is making deliberate efforts for its upcoming champion S9. In Galaxy S9, Samsung will pack the fingerprint scanner to a different location in order to give the users more comfort in unlocking their device with a higher unlocking speed than Galaxy S8. Dual lens colour LED flash will also be present. The charismatic camera of Galaxy S9 having 13MP dual lens front camera and 8MP back camera is amazing plus its powerful Snapdragon 845 SoC processor is fabulous and enable the device to run with a reigning speed.

 The Samsung intentions, for the initial project, in fact, counted on the presence of an integrated screen, in collaboration with experts from Synaptic. However, the timing of the management is not just apt, and it is very likely that, unless a subsequent revision of the line-up, solutions are only present with the future of the Galaxy device S9, for which it was also talk of Dual-Cam implementations and new microprocessor systems.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Display

The central element of the new Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly their display that, for both solutions, is presented in the new format 18.5: 9 to a vertical development and with an output resolution QHD + @ 2960 × 1440 pixels. The use of such a factory form, also taken up by competitors of LG Electronics, is not random. In fact, this form factor is to maximize the experience of Multi-Windows and usability in the web and in games. Galaxy S9 will offer a 4K AMOLED display with 2980 x 1490 pixels. Although you can use the phone at the highest resolution available, the developer has decided (by default) for the use of Full HD + display mode. The Android developers are constantly working to ensure visual adaptation of their applications to the new form-factory.

Moving on to the purely technical aspects, we can say that the Galaxy S8 display is currently the best in the market, as well as reiterated by Display Mate experts. In 2018, Galaxy S9 will be proved as one of the best smartphones. With its 1600-nits of peak brightness, in fact, S9 guarantees a perfect visibility even under direct sunlight.