Making the Best Out of Ubiatar Play – The Technology of the Future

The concept of telepresence is an ancient and interesting concept that has achieved huge attention. The digital and technological developments that the world has come to face are quiet interesting and there are more to come in the coming years. There are many who are researching as to what is telepresence and how to make it work in the current scenario. Many people have been working to bridge the gap between telepresence and modern technology and it would be apt to say that Ubiatar Play has managed to bring this out successfully with its unique concept.

The power of ubiquity

Ubiatar provides the power of ubiquity and the ability to be everywhere in an instant. All that it takes is a smartphone and a proper network connection and the process starts. A person needs to register with the UbiatarPlay marketplace and become a usar first and then go onto the check various profiles posted in the marketplace to hire an avatar. An avatar can be old, young, boy, girl or anyone.

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By checking through the profile, one will be able to gain a fair idea as to whether they will be able to perform the specific task or job that one has in mind. It is quite an interesting process and the best part is that it would get your job done quite quickly. Ubiatar is using the Initial Coin Offering process in order to get the necessary funds for growing the project bigger than it is currently. ICO is definitely a unique and interesting idea than the crowd funding method and is receiving widespread attention. The uniqueness of the concept and its future potentials has definitely garnered huge attention.

Save time and money

You do not have to fly to a specific location, need not have to spend a huge sort of money; still you can be at a specific place or location through the physical body that you have hired. It is economical, reliable and efficient in every way. Sitting at the comforts of your house, it is quite possible for one to hire yet another person to get the whole job done within a short span of time.