Know About the Top 3 Anti-Virus Software of 2017

Antivirus has come a long way and now lot of software provide a wide range of protection which includes safety against malware, credit card security, anti-phishing, protection against ransomware and a lot more. It depends on how much you pay for the program. Prices range as per the duration and level of security along with number of devices includes in the license. Every year, there is some or the other antivirus software coming in the top 3 list. The best antivirus 2017 list has also come up. After a lot of extensive testing and real time malware and virus testing, the decision has been taken.

The test comprises of installation footprint, scanning duration, malware blockage strength, anti-phishing blocking and so much more. Depending on these tests, here is a list of top 3 antivirus software 2017 which you can download and use for the security of your devices. All of them are equally good and render different packages at different prices. Take a look.

  • Webroot

Webroot has become the favorite for everyone for the simple reason because it performs the quickest scans out of all the antivirus software that have been tested and results a difference of huge margin. Another thing is that because it is cloud based, it doesn’t need to be updated. Once you install it, it just uses around 1MB of your device storage. Its footprint is very small and the amount of interaction is quite hands-off that you barely know anything is running on your device.

So, all that’s good for you and dandy till it can actually provide you with the right security you require and fortunately it works well there too. It has scored a whopping 10 whole in malware testing and is considered as one of the best software tested for ransomware and anti-phishing. It also boasts of a free browser plugin to avoid from going to malicious websites and renders a lot of advanced controls too. The only problem linked with it is that it is a cloud based software and thus works only when you’re online. But, then again, remember, if you aren’t online, you truly do not need any virus security for your system.

  • Bitdefender Total Security 2017

Bitdefender is an amazing option because it functions on auto-pilot mode most of the time on you device. It is highly non-obtrusive and renders a lot of security at highly competitive rates. Unlike the other antivirus programs which cover just one gadget for a basic subscription, Bitdefender allows installation on around 5 devices which includes Mac, Android as well as iOS. It also has a long list of useful additional which include phishing protection, file shredder, ransomware security, parental control as well as password manager and more.

  • Avast Free version

Though the paid version of Avast was tested, but it didn’t appear worth the cost as the free version performs 80% of the job of what the priced version does. You will receive the similar database for virus, malware security and more. It is quite easy and works well in securing your device.

These are the best antivirus 2017. Choose the one which matches your requirements well.