How To Sync Or Move Files From Huawei Mobile To Mac Computer

Huawei, a popular Chinese Smartphone brand, has released various mobiles. But, all of them are not flawless. Many users have complained that they have faced the issues, like loss of data. Corrupted system, virus attack, and formatting are common factors that cause the problem of missing files. Thus, as one of the Huawei mobile users, you may experience trouble, while you haven’t moved the important files to another gadget.

There are different ways in which you can make a transfer of files between two devices-Smartphone and PC. With no use of an app, you may follow this process

  • Set a connection of data cable with USB port of your PC and a socket.
  • At the top portion of your mobile screen, you will get the option- Files. Click on it and focus on your computer screen.
  • Choose File Manager menu of the PC
  • Select the folder of your mobile or PC
  • Click on the file to move it to another location

Though some users choose this traditional way of file transfer, you can download the application, SyncMate to accomplish the process of Huawei sync for Mac. However, your Huawei mobile needs to have Android OS 4.x-8.x. Various files that you can transfer are

Synchronization of all the personal files

The free version of the application helps in syncing the important data, like contact details and calendar. These files will stay safe both on your Huawei Smartphone and Mac computer system.

Management of text

By downloading the expert version of the app from the site, you will be able to create, read or send the SMS or messages, present in Mac or Huawei mobile set.

Synchronization of media files

Lots of users love to sync their videos, photos, and playlist, stored in the handset.

Thus, with SyncMate, Huawei sync for Mac becomes easy. The app allows you in mounting your Smartphone as Mac computer drive. You may also control it conveniently with Finder application. Copy your Android file or delete it from your Mac simply with clicks. You have to just set your preferences, while the app syncs automatically at the background.

To get the advantage, you can install the app and save all your files. Whether it is Huawei or other Android mobiles, the app is the best solution for you. Though we have presented another alternative for file transfer process, you can rely on the app.