Fast, Reliable And Secure Xvideo Live Sharing Solution

Now, the world moves faster into the futuristic technology let the worldwide people encounter their needs. Are you engaged in the video file sharing? There are many softwares available to suit the requirements, but not all the software give comfort. The xvideo live is the ideal choice those who need to share their video. It is the smart way to get faster sharing and the experts have lot experience in the streaming and video encoding. So, here you can get great product to begin the best tube site as well video portal. Before, you buy take a look at the offering starting guide and ensure the features. You can receive the cheap offer for domain registration along with renewal prices extremely good and deliver the free Whois Protection. To hide the DMCA or main server IP from the unauthorized users bring improved site performance free of DNS service and cloudfare reverse proxy. You can simply enable the proxy for main site and don’t need proxy fileservers. You can add the entire fileservers IPs to the whitelist so the CF won’t disallow occasionally. You can start from low or medium rate servers to save expenditure for great traffic.

Starting guide for xvideo sharing:-

You can get powerful fileservers for the site while you need and get 2 different servers. First Main script with DB, which usually single server for individual site and File servers shows multiple servers. You can utilize same one server to host both File parts and Main, but it’s extremely right option for best performance. The main server includes fast CPU to manage the scripts and high DB load and 16GB RAM. Moreover, the disk size not important one at least 50GB. You can add 2 disks for data protection into the RAID 1. The file server recommendations are CPU, Network, Disk and OS. Initially, the CPU utilizes Xeon CPUs for additional cores and encoding processes good. The server should obtain unmetered traffic scheme to avoid more bills every month traffic 1000 mbps ideal for unmetered connection. The 100TB monthly traffic scheme is best choice to begin and disk superior to utilize big HDDs and RAIDs random-read performance and it not recommended. The OS CentOS 6 or 7, the 64bit whm or no cPanel recommended to get rid of feasible issues. Ensure the newly dedicated servers deal and get professional assistance to solve further problems in the future.