Download YouTube Video With Airy

YouTube is one of the most viewed website for education, entertainment, movies or any other thing. It has also become one of the best platforms to advertise one self. All the enormous features of YouTube can only be availed if the Internet connection is on. However, YouTube has looked into the matter seriously and come with ‘watch offline videos’ concept.

This offline feature does not allow watching any content beyond YouTube. There is one outstanding app for Mac which can be great for you. Airy YouTube Movie downloader is the one with which one can download a complete movie in any resolution.  Airy is a perfect choice for downloading YouTube videos.

Few features of Airy Movie downloader:

  • Download YouTube movies any resolution, HD or ultra HD.
  • No restrictions on private or age restricted videos.
  • A great feature of play and pause while downloading; so no need to download all videos at once.

Steps to download Movies through Airy:

  • Download Airy app and install it. If you wish to download a couple of movies try free version, but if you are a frequent movie watcher, go for Paid version.
  • Open the link you wish to download through YouTube channel, playlist or YouTube video, copy the link and then paste it on Airy.
  • Choose the format and resolution to download the video. If the video is of huge size, give some time to process and enjoy the movie.

Another efficient app for downloading movies is Elmedia Player PRO. With the help of this app one can watch the movies as well as subtitles to it in the preferred language.

  • Download Elmedia PRO version and activate it by buying the registration code for the developer’s website.
  • Open the app and switch to browser mode.
  • Paste the link of the YouTube video and press enter.
  • Many formats can be downloaded using this app like MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV etc.
  • By default, files get saved in downloads section.

While downloading videos from Internet, one needs to be very cautious about fishing and hacking.