Become More Famous On Instagram Without Spending A Fortune

As like every social platform, there are techniques for getting more followers on Instagram, and in this post, I’ll dissect them so you can take your business to more people.

Instagram Account Photo Quality

I do not even need to say it, but the best way to get followers on Instagram is to post quality content. You want your photos to be beautiful and your captions add value and engagements.

The photo itself will be the first thing new potential followers will see, so take this opportunity to make a good first impression! In fact, learning how to take good photos takes practice, but it’s worth sure you’re looking for good lighting where you want to take your photos. A good light improves any photo!

When it comes to captioning, just remember, try to get people involved as much as you can. Instagram is not an ad platform. It’s a chance for you to talk to your audience, so ask questions and be yourself.

(Bonus Tip: Do not put links in your captions – they will not work! Instead, put the link in your bio and tell the caption “link in bio”.)

Account Post Frequency

Instagram is certainly a platform that rewards the regulars. If you post a picture every day, your number of followers will grow much faster and you will have much more engagement than if you had posted once a week. 

Now, like all other things, there is a limit – if you post multiple photos per hour, it can end up irritating your followers – no one likes to keep the timeline full of spam! What’s more, you want to make sure your content is indeed good. If you’re just posting rubbish to get a quota, you will not get very far. As I said before, quality is essential!

Instagram Account Consistency

On Instagram, consistency is extremely important. This is really connected to frequency – if you are posting every day and suddenly staying a week without manifesting, there are people who will stop following you. Basically, if you are overcome by laziness, you may lose all the result of the work you have given so hard to achieve – this is no fun. But, you can buy real Instagram followers and save yourself the hassle.

So no matter how often you post, make sure you can keep it in the future. Start with an easy goal, keep it going for a few weeks, and if you can post more than that, go for it! It is better for you to increase the frequency of your photos than to reduce them suddenly.

The Act Of Reciprocity

Instagram is both a tool for sharing content with your fans and community that works on the basis of reciprocity, especially when you have few followers and are just getting started.

Often people will follow you if you follow them back, so remember this when you want to have some engagement on Instagram. Just take a few minutes to reciprocate. It is more likely that this person will look at your pictures with more love. And if that person ends up becoming a fan, a simple like or comment on your photos will mean a lot to her.