An Introduction to SEO Marketing

SEO marketing and SEO services in Manchester, often referred tosearch engine optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of a website on search engine results pages such as those of Google. Search engine optimisation (SEO) consists of many different factors – and for it to work, strategies must contain much more that great keywords. Still confused? Keep on reading…

When starting to put together an SEO strategy you must consider so many things, with just a couple of these things being:

  • How search engines work
  • Which search engines are being used by your target audience
  • What your customers are searching for when looking for your products

In SEO, the ultimate goal is to improve the relevance of your website so that it can be indexed and positioned well by the search engine giants.

Many people originally think that SEO is all about content, however although content is incredibly important in terms of SEO, there is so much more involved. You need to also ensure that your website is well structured. Search engines when ranking websites take into consideration both content and its quality/relevance and website structure.

SEO is not something in which you do once and then leave – It is an ongoing process in which simply does not end. SEO and the internet world are constantly changing and evolving and those looking for the ultimate rankings must do this also.

Why It Is Important

Nine out of ten people use the internet to shop and search for products. With this is mind, your business not only has to be online but also has to be easily found. Your customers know what they are looking for and if you are not above your competitors they are likely not going to use your company. If you have a website and do not utilise search engine optimisation your website will not succeed online and you other business efforts will have been a waste of time.

SEO for Local Businesses

Some people think that if their businesses are local companies, whom attract mainly local custom, such as service based businesses, that they do not require SEO. However it could be possible that it is even more important. According to research 90% of internet users use search engines to find local companies when looking for products/services.

Your First Step

As earlier mentioned SEO is an ever evolving and changing process and therefore this means that companies do not always have to do the same things to achieve the best results. SEO strategies vary from business to business and it is all about finding the right strategy for your company.

If you want your company to gain better rankings on the search engines you should discuss your needs and requirements with a professional SEO company whom will be able to either provide you with some great advice for you to take on board, or offer you their services and take care of your SEO for you for an incredibly low fee.