6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Camera for Your Home

Today you can install security cameras for the security, safety or just for having an extra pair of eyes to keep a watch on your child’s nanny. These cameras come with motion detectors that give an alert if any motion is detected in its range. They allow you to watch remotely and keep a tab on what’s happening in and around your home in your absence. We can say that the security camera manufacturing companies play a crucial role in ensuring safety of people.

The companies that are into the security camera business are doing well. They don’t really require any government help in the form of subsidies. This is evident from the statement of General Manager of Hikvision, who declared that the Hikvision subsidy from the government or any financial institution stands nil and the company is doing great.

More and more people are going for security cameras, but there are few questions that need to be asked before going for one.

  1. How Much Area Can I Watch?

It depends on the field-of-vision angle, which is generally between 107 to 180 degrees. The more the angle, the better the area it covers. If you opt for cameras that allow remote pan and tilt features then you can scan the entire room through it.

  1. Does It Include a Mic and a Speaker?

The newer models allow you to not only watch, but also hear and speak while monitoring. This is an extremely useful feature especially if you have installed it for kids or pets at home.

  1. How Much Will It Cost?

Getting video surveillance done was a big expense earlier, but now the advancements in technology have brought down the cost significantly. With the wireless technology in place, you have the option of installing one or two cameras for specific purposes without getting into the trouble of wiring the entire house.

  1. Will You Come to My Location for Servicing?

Most of these companies have a wide network and they cover most of the regions. But, it’s always good to ask if it is the company employees who come for servicing or if they have outsourced it to a third party.

  1. What Is the Camera Resolution?

The newer models mostly come with a full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. It is important to have a good resolution because you might require zooming in on some particular spot.

  1. With What Devices Is the Camera Compatible With?

There are cameras that operate independently through their own apps. But, practically speaking, if you want to build up your smart home network then these cameras will be outdated. So, when buying a security camera, invest in one that can be connected to various devices and can be utilised fully in future too.

Choosing a home surveillance system is an easy job if you know what your requirements are and you ask the right questions to arrive at a conclusion.