3 Keys to the Best Rental Software Integration Systems

For the best equipment rental software, it is imperative that your software be able to handle all the different needs of your business both now and in the future. In order to ensure that your equipment rental software system can handle all your accounting, tracking, and billing needs it should be all inclusive, flexible and come with continued support.

When looking to purchase the best rental software system, choosing RMI will give you access to software that is:

  1. All Inclusive

Your software should be all inclusive with many features included. RMI’s rental tracking Advantage 365 software includes mobile access, customizable data reports, billing and accounting software, ongoing training and support and so much more! Access your data from anywhere, whether you are on your cell phone or desktop computer. You can track equipment usage, location, and inventory, all of which are automatically recorded into your history. Maintain awareness of your profit margin and stay up to date with the latest information about your equipment!

  1. Flexible

The Advantage 365 software meets the business requirements with its flexible billing solutions for complex deals and integrations, automated billing and credit card processing for any billing due dates, real time equipment and accounting updates, and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Customers love RMI’s software because customers can keep track of equipment with ease, maintain equipment costs, automate billing options, and there is no lag or syncing as everything is in real time, you can have access from any device.

  1. Continued Support

For over 30 years RMI has been dedicated to the equipment rental, sales and the service industry. For all of your rental software requirements, whether you need trailer rental software or medical equipment rental software – you can trust RMI and Advantage 365 to help manage all of your business transactions. All software costs are included in a monthly subscription fee and there are absolutely no hidden costs! With RMI’s ongoing support, you’ll have access to continuous training and updates on software services, along with monthly reports on the cloud. See how the all-inclusive Advantage 365 system will benefit your business from storage container rental software to maintaining equipment! Get ongoing support, and manage software from anywhere with our integrated business solution. Contact RMI today to learn more about their software package for all of your equipment rental, sales and service needs.